Scandanavian’s  biggest electric bus depot  has become fully operational in the Danish city of Aalborg opening with a capacity to simultaneously charge more than 100 electric buses.

Traditionally known for its industrial heritage, Aalborg has been transformed into a highly innovative city focusing on social, economic and environmental sustainability. The city is making significant efforts to reduce its CO2 emissions and provide a healthier living environment for its inhabitants. Part of this drive involves converting the entirety of its bus operations to electric, making it the first major Danish city to do so.

There have been 124 Kempower  Satellite chargers installed at the depot, which are connected to 18 Kempower Power Units along with six transformers which have been fitted in the local area, while mote than 20km of cabling has been laid at the facility, capable of delivering the equivalent power to simultaneously turn on over 40,000 flat-screen TVs.

The facility also features Kempower ChargEye, a comprehensive cloud-based charging management system. Kempower ChargEye will enable GodEnergi A/S to easily monitor and manage the day-to-day operations of both the chargers and electric buses, continuously optimizing charging power and ensuring that the buses have enough charge to run according to schedule.

Tomi Ristimäki,  the CEO of Kempower, said the company was delighted to deliver chargers to enable the Nordics’ largest electric bus depot to become fully operational.

“The opening of the Aalborg depot is the latest example of our bus depot projects in countries such as Denmark, Sweden, Luxembourg and Norway. We’re eagerly anticipating our next collaboration with GodEnergi A/S as it creates a greener everyday life for the people of Denmark,” Ristimäki said 

Jan Darville, CEO of GodEnergi A/S, added the company has been part of the e-mobility market for many years, though opening the Aalborg bus depot is one of its biggest achievements so far.

“It’s been a pleasure to introduce Kempower’s technology to the project and to collaborate with its employees, who are genuine EV enthusiasts. We look forward to working on more green and important projects with Kempower in the future,” Danville added.