It seems that the Tieman Trailer business may have been saved with the issuing of a statement by the Tieman family announcing it had bought back the core business just three weeks after announcing the closure of the mobile service and maintenance operations along with the Tail Lift ant Whiting Door division.


According to the Tieman statement the family has managed to purchase the 62 year old operation from the administrators saving around 90 jobs at its Campbellfield operation in Melbourne.


The Statement says:

“The Tieman family is pleased to announce that it has succeeded in purchasing its 62-year-old tanker business from the appointed voluntary administrators, saving approximately 90 jobs at its Campbellfield site in Melbourne.

This announcement means an end to a most difficult time for all stakeholders, and the Tieman family as well as the company now wish to move forward and support their tanker customers, associated industries and suppliers into the future.

The industry and customer support has been humbling and the new focus on a tanker only business will assist in building stronger partnerships and alliances for mutual long-term benefits into the future.

Tieman has always been known to be at the forefront of innovation and safety and plans a continued focus on these areas.

Customer and supplier support underpins every business, and everyone at Tieman is very appreciative of the on-going partnerships and relationships that will be strengthened through this recent adversity.

The Tieman team now has one sole focus and the new Tieman tanker business is open for business.”