Toyota will begin selling fuel cell powered buses from next year.

Tokyo’s Bureau of Transportation plans is expected to utilise two Toyota Fuel Cell models for fixed routes following field testing, with up to 100 units to hit the Tokyo region ahead of the 2020 Olympics and Paralympics.

The Fuel Cell buses will be sold from early 2017 in Japan to help increase the general public’s level of understanding of fuel cell buses as a form of public transportation.

Toyota aims to engage continuously in the development, targeting the expansion of the introduction of new fuel cell buses from 2018, contributing to the realisation of a hydrogen-based society.

The fuel cell bus was developed for the Mirai fuel cell vehicle and adopted to provide efficiency comparable with internal combustion engine, but with no emissions.

The bus also uses a high-capacity external power supply system. With a power supply capable of a maximum output of 9kW, and a large capacity of electricity supply at 235kWh.

The bus can also be used as a power source in the event of disasters, at evacuation sites or its electricity supply can also be harnessed for home electric appliance use.

Toyota sees hydrogen as a powerful source of energy for use in fuel cell powered buses, forklifts and even homes.