Torrens Transit, the Adelaide based subsidiary of bus giant Transit Systems has signed a contract to acquire Adelaide’s Light City Buses (LCB) from Broadspectrum.

The transition will involve the transfer of more than 370 buses and 700 employees into the Torrens Transit network. The services to be transferred were previously operated by Torrens Transit from 2005 to 2011.

Torrens Transit has a history spanning 18 years in Adelaide and is the only Australian-owned operator in the state. According to Transit’s announcement it will lean on its own local network knowledge to work with Government to investigate and implement service improvements including the potential relinking of services across the areas covered by Torrens Transit’s three contract areas.

Transit Systems Group CEO, and local Adelaide resident, Clint Feuerherdt added that they would be looking to reduce city congestion, while increasing frequency, connections and convenience.

“We have a successful history of performance in Adelaide, and we are keen to deliver improved services through our local knowledge, combined with our global experience in some of the world’s best public transport networks across Australia, London and Singapore,” he said.

‘This transaction enables us to further bring the benefits of our experience as a leading operator in London and Singapore to Adelaide. We are looking forward to bringing world’s best practice to even more Adelaide commuters.”

The group also owns and operates BRIDJ, Australia’s first demand responsive public bus transport solution, holding the first contract in Sydney to blend both mass and on demand transit, as part of the Region 6 contract in the Transport for NSW network.

“We are excited to work with the South Australian Government to deliver improved services for the Adelaide community and ensure the moving public can get on with their day in the most time efficient manner possible. “

All timetables, routes, and bus stops in Adelaide will continue to be regulated by the Government, and all buses and other assets such as depots will remain under the control of Government. All LCB staff will be offered a position with Torrens Transit.

Fares will continue to be set by the Government, just as they are today, and passengers will continue to use their metrocard cards as they currently do.

The transaction is in the final stages of due diligence and is expected to complete in early June 2018.