Light maker Narva  has launched a new option for its new Ultima Connect LED Light Bar  with eh arrival of its Ultima Connect+ Controller , which it says  offers owners of the rUltima LED Light Bar range, the ability to maximise the performance of their light bars, by adjusting the beam shape and intensity to suit the environment and driving conditions.

The new controller is an option across the Ultima LED Light Bar line-up, offering further lighting adjustment with three preset, customisable driving modes.

The beam can be set for for highway driving with maximum distance and less spread to avoid road sign flare. The company also says that on 4WD tracks, distance can be reduced with a focus on maximum spread, while for more open dirt roads, all the light can be set to its maximum output.

Narva adds that the Ultima Connect+ Controller also allows drivers to alter brightness (main and aux controls), provide a boost mode that delivers 15 per cent more power for 30 seconds, and with its LIN Bus technology, acts as a single point of control for all Ultima Connect+ enabled products.

The controller’s larger sized buttons make it easy to use on bumpy tracks, while multiple mounting options and single wire installation provide easy fitment across a wide range of vehicles the company says.

Narva claims the Ultima Connect+ Controller is the perfect companion to the Ultima LED Light Bar range, which include 8 and 24 inch models that can be combined to also provide 40 and 48 inch bar configurations. With Ultima, owners can also select from both hybrid and flood beam light bar options depending on their preference, offering buyers  all new customisation options .

Narva’s new Ultima Connect+ Controller, Ultima LED Light Bars and associated accessories are available nationwide from leading automotive, four-wheel drive and transportation outlets.