A U.S. truck driver is being hailed a hero for skillfully negotiating his vehicle between a school bus and parked cars after his brakes failed on a rural road.

Dashcam footage from the truck (seen below) shows the semi-trailer narrowly avoiding both the cars and the packed bus while careening down the hill in Ohio.

The cars had stopped while the school bus paused to alight the children and Montville Police Chief Matt Neil said it was a miracle the truck was able to avoid colliding with any of the other vehicles.

“In his statement, [the truck driver] told us that he was trying to stop. He realized he couldn’t stop in time and he began down-shifting, blowing the horn, hitting the lights, flashing the lights, and doing everything in his power to alert everyone.

“He did an excellent job in fifteen seconds he had to put that rig somewhere, and he was able to thread that needle and do it without injuring or hitting anything.”

After the near-miss, the truck eventually stopped around a quarter of a mile down the road.