double-decker bus electric

Seeing, or catching a bus powered by electricity in 2022 is not that big of a deal, but riding on a double-decker with electric propulsion is still a pretty rare occurrence.

But, just because a double-decker is heavier and has a much greater seating capacity, doesn’t mean electric technology is beyond the two-deck conveyance.

UK electrification specialist, Equipmake, unveiled a repowered pure electric double-decker last week at a transport conference.

The fully electric Volvo B5LH (as seen above) features an Equipmake powertrain that can deliver clean and silent running for up to 250 miles (402 kilometers) after an overnight recharge.

Why repower a diesel bus with electric propulsion?

Equipmake’s Ian Foley tells us their repower program makes sense from a cost perspective.

“Each conversion comes in at less than half the price of a new electric bus.”

“Repowering is an important and cost-effective transitionary technology that can bridge the gap between diesel and a new electric bus fleet.”

Aside from repowering buses already in operation, Equipmake also offers UK and Euro bus operators an off-the-shelf new double-deck e-bus, the Jewel E (as seen below).

equipmake ev double-deck bus
The all-electric Jewel E double-decker bus

Developed in conjunction with Spanish bus builder Beulas, the Jewel E’s modular battery pack has options of up to 543kWh, with a maximum range of 300 miles (482 kilometers) on a single charge. 

The Jewel E will begin in-service trials with London’s largest bus operator, Go-Ahead, in the coming months.