SEA Electric has revealed it has delivered a pair of  battery electric trucks to uniform rental company, Alsco Australia, to help the customer  achieve its 2030 sustainability goals.

SEA Electric  says the 85e model trucks are destined to work in Sydney and Melbourne, with the pair fitted with a high specification SEA-Drive 120a power-system with maximum power and torque of 125kW and 1,500Nm, with the 138kWh battery capable of an unladen range of up to 300km.

The trucks are also equipped with an all-electric powered tailgate, which operates on energy supplied entirely by the onboard high-voltage batteries says SEA Electric.

“We applaud Alsco for supporting Australian manufacturing and taking the next step on their EV journey with SEA Electric,” said president – Asia Pacific, SEA Electric Daniel Castro .

“Alsco have these trucks destined for some significant routes within their business, with our SEA-Drive power-system proven to be up to the task.
While the trucks are new to Alsco in Australia, Alsco in New Zealand were early adopters of SEA Electric’s pioneering commercial vehicle technology, with multiple deployments including that country’s first inter-city pure-electric heavy vehicle.

“We are proud to continue our relationship with Alsco with the delivery of this pair of SEA Electric SEA 85es, proof of their commitment to make a true difference in their environmental credentials,” said SEA Electric CEO and founder, Tony Fairweather.

“From peerless green credentials to financial savings achieved through the elimination of diesel expense, and improved workplace health and safety for drivers and those on delivery routes, our products have been extensively proven in the field since they were first commercially deployed in 2017.

For Alsco, the acquisition of the SEA Electric trucks coincides with a company-wide push for sustainability, which to date has included the installation of solar panels across multiple sites in the region.

“In around 2017, we noticed that conversations were changing in the marketplace, and customers were demanding more of us in terms of a better future and our ongoing legacy,” said Alsco Australia Group chief executive, Mark Roberts.

“We’ve listened to our customers, and we are driving our business differently, which includes reassessing our environmental impact and how we interact with our local communities.

“Our SEA Electric partnership has been ongoing for a number of years now, stretching back to New Zealand, and we have built on that with the delivery of these two vehicles in Australia.

“It’s our first foray into EVs locally, and we intend to do a lot more in the space.

“The really exciting thing is that this Melbourne truck will be powered entirely by renewables, with our recent facility extension including the installation of rooftop solar.”

The new vehicle was presented to the Alsco team by SEA Electric sales director, Marco Quaranta.

“This milestone not only symbolises our commitment to revolutionising the industry with eco-friendly solutions but also confirms our partnership with Alsco in shaping a sustainable future for logistics. Together, we are redefining the way businesses move forward with purpose and environmental responsibility,” said  Quaranta

SEA Electric’s range of all-electric trucks is available from a nationwide dealer network, covering models from 4.5t through to 22.5t, which are entirely adaptable to a massive array of final applications.

The trucks come complete with full factory warranties supported by an extensive service network, backed by a growing list of ecosystem partners, ensuring a simple switch for companies transferring to sustainable solutions.