IT SEEMS  that every week there is a new zero emission vehicle start up announcing plans to take on  the World’s established automotive players in the quest for  gold  in the believed bonanza for clean green vehicles that apparently lies ahead.

On such start-up vehicle technology company,  the US based Atlis, has announced  it is planning to attack the Aussie market and revealed it will be  bringing its vertically integrated electric vehicle technology to Australia and New Zealand.

Atlis claims it will bring its vehicles to our shores as a result of an expanded order from Australia-based company Ausev for 270 pf Atlis’s 1.5 MW charging stations to support its initial order of 19,000 XT all electric pickups/utes  which it announced on 2nd August this year.

Atlis said that once fulfilled, the chargers will be independently distributed throughout Australia where the XT electric utes will be deployed.

The companies say that they also intend to explore the potential for local battery cell production in Australia.

“This is an extremely important milestone for Atlis as it underscores the confidence AUSEV has already placed in the Company fulfilling the initial order for 19,000 XT vehicles,” said the founder and CEO of Atlas Motor Vehicles, Mark Hanchett.

“It is also a meaningful fundamental event for our current shareholders and prospective investors as we maintain and expand our development trajectory as a publicly traded company.

“These two foundational orders from Ausev demonstrate our commitment to scaling up production and Ausev’s growing faith in Atlis. We are grateful for our continued collaboration with AUSEV and expect to extend the AUSEV collaborative and distribution model to other territories.”

Ausev head of operations Brendan Kenny said that Atlis is focused on providing work trucks with a long range and fast charge time, which is perfectly suited for the Australian market.

“These charging stations are a natural progression to build on our original order,” Kenny said.

Back in June  Atlis announced it has also signed  a Memorandum of Understanding with local Australiandefence vehicle developer Advent Atum.

Advent Atum, which is headquartered at Holsworthy,  on Sydney’s South Western outskirts along side  one of the Australian Army’s large scale bases, said it will  under the agreement with Atlis,  purchase  the US company’s fully electric vehicle platform, the Atlis XP, to use in the development of its autonomous defence and specialist commercial products.

The Atlis XP platform is a stand-alone medium to heavy-duty electric platform and is the base for the electric Atlis XT pickup that  is claimed to be making its debut in 2024.

The standard XP platform consists of two identical modular drive systems located in the front and rear of the vehicle, four traction motors, independent suspension, drive-by-wire technology and an Atlis battery pack.

The XP platform is the only full suite EV skateboard solution to convert a traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle to an EV according to Atlis, which claims it plans to begin production of the XP by the end of this year.

“Throughout the XP platform development process, we’re working to ensure that an electric vehicle will retain the performance capabilities of an internal combustion engine vehicle,” said Hanchett.

“As the Australian Defence Force looks to reduce its dependence on foreign oil and Advent Atum moves to make sustainable, electric platforms, the XP delivers the capability, durability, and sustainability goals the Armed Forces demands.”