Volvo Group Australia, president, Peter Voorhoeve, a frequent visitor to these pages in recent times, is calling on transport operators  to partake in a brief 10 minute survey as part of the Swedish company’s initiative  to analyse and work with the industry on the dire lack of driver availability in this country

The program is  Peter Voorhoeve’s baby and  he is driving the survey to ensure that  they can get tot eh facts in order to help the industry attack the problem. In what is a personal request from Voorhoeve he is asking people in the industry  to engage in the  on-line survey which will take about 10 minutes and will enable the company  to formulate the group’s report into the issue. The survey needs to be completed by April 26.

Peter Voorhoeve has written an open letter  requesting  this co-operation, and we have published it below.

“It has been two and a half years since I arrived in Australia to become the President of Volvo Group Australia.  During this time I’ve become increasingly aware that transport operators may soon face a qualified driver shortage – especially given that the transport task is predicted to double between 2010 – 2030.

With an ageing driver population, if this statistic proves to be correct, the shortage of qualified drivers will  not only affect transport operators, but also Australian society in general.  Without drivers who will transport fruit, vegetables, general freight, mail etc to ensure they eventually arrive in family homes?

I have commissioned a study to understand the extent of this problem and to explore what could be done to assist with this.  I would value your personal contribution to this study – which will take just 10 minutes of your time. The link to the survey is here:

It’s important to me that my communications to the broader community, and any actions that we take, are truly representative of the Australian transport community.

So I am appealing for your help – to ensure that your experiences and your ideas are reflected in this study.

The full report will be presented at the annual Volvo Group Australia Media Conference in the first week of May.

Please can you complete this survey before next Tuesday, 26 April.

Best regards

Peter Voorhoeve

President & CEO – Volvo Group Australia  urges all people in the industry  to  engage in the survey and  help  better equip the transport sector to  address the challenge of finding enough drivers to handle the growing freight task in this country.