You may not have noticed  a big green and gold prime mover at the ceremony in Canberra last Friday evening but Volvo has had a tongue in cheek shot at nominating its Brisbane built trucks as potential Australian  of the Year

 Volvo’s cheeky press release announcing its bid for the Australian of the Year title ahead of the Australia Day celebrations was just that, however if it raises some awareness amongst the Australian public that many of the trucks that drive this country are built right here, then it has to be a good thing . 

Ahead of the 2019 Australian of the Year announced last Friday, Volvo  thought it was time the Volvo FH received the most prestigious of nominations. 

“It ticks every box,” Volvo Group Australia President and CEO, Martin Merrick said, with his tongue firmly planted in cheek. 

“It makes a significant contribution to the community, it’s an inspirational role model for Australia and is an Australian citizen. Why shouldn’t it be Australian of the Year?” 

With its roots firmly planted in Wacol, West Brisbane, and its commitment to keeping Australia moving, the Volvo FH is surely a front-runner to take the top prize. All Volvo FH and FM models produced at Volvo Group Australia’s Wacol factory are certified to carry the coveted ‘Australian Made’ stamp. 

Volvo Group says it is passionate about Australia with production providing local jobs here since 1972. Take a leap forward to 2019, and the Wacol facility not only remains in operation, but has become, along with the Paccar plant in Melbourne, on of  Australia’s largest vehicle manufacturing powerhouses. Volvo says the location of its factory allows workers to customise trucks to suit the challenging Australian conditions, including high temperatures and long distances. 

The FH has been built to thrive in these conditions and has recently celebrated its 25th anniversary of being made in Australia. With its commitment to Australia being so evident, it is no surprise to see Volvo Trucks 

Australia Vice President of Sales Tony O’Connell celebrate just how impactful the truck has been. 

“The Volvo FH has been servicing Australia for over a quarter of a century,” O’Connell proudly stated. 

“It works hard for Australians day in and day out by not only providing employment opportunities but also delivering everything from food to construction materials.” 

Given the distances between major Australian centres, it is no surprise Volvo trucks work hard for Australia, as the country is becoming increasingly dependent on the trucking industry. 

Australia relies on road freight. It is a vital cog in the economy, with thousands of trucks making the daily runs between major capital cities as well as elsewhere across the vast continent. 

The industry’s contribution to the nation’s economy is growing, with some research predicting road freight will grow 50 per cent by 2036. Martin Merrick added: “We are extremely proud of the Volvo FH’s 25 year history and we look forward to continuing our innovative Australian manufacturing story.” 

Volvo Trucks Australia did take the opportunity to congratulate all of the real  Australian of the Year nominees for their outstanding contribution to building a better