Despite a downturn in the American heavy-duty truck market, Volvo Trucks North America has decided to cancel a round of layoffs at its New River Valley plant in Dublin, Virginia.

Volvo confirmed last week that 500 jobs would be spared in its decision to forgo the layoffs it announced in December.

The New River Valley plant is one of Volvo’s biggest production facility in the world, manufacturing all models sold in America.

According to vice president of corporate communications, John Mies, the market is showing signs of improvement.

“We’ve continued to monitor the ongoing reduction in new truck inventory across the industry in the weeks since the original announcement, and we’re encouraged by the trend,” Mies said.

“Based on this, we’ve decided not to go forward at this time with the previously announced reduction, so that we can maintain manufacturing flexibility as we continue to monitor the market situation.”

The downturn in the industry over the past months saw Volvo lay off 1,000 workers in two separate rounds of redundancies last year and rival Daimler put off 1,200 staff.