Volvo Bus has launched a double decker electric hybrid at the Euro Bus Expo in Birmingham on the back of the success of its single level 7900 launched in 2014.

The Volvo B5LHC features a more powerful electric motor and a 19kWh rated lithium-Ion battery with an opportunity charging set up to allow it to take charge at bus stops using the same pantograph system as the fully electric models.

The bus can operate on the electric motor for 7km at a time, enough to transit between stops while its Euro 6 diesel motor takes over outside city centres to give the bus more flexibility.

Charging takes between three and six minutes, while regenerative braking also bolsters the batteries charge.

Managing director of Volvo Bus in the UK & Ireland Nick Page believes the bus will bring significant reductions in emissions and fuel consumption.

“The new Volvo B5LHC Electric Hybrid is an exciting addition to our city bus range, saving up to 75% in diesel fuel cost compared to an equivalent diesel double deck bus. C02, NOx and particulate emissions are also reduced in proportion, improving air quality and noise levels – something that will be increasingly required in our towns and cities,” Page said.

“We already have a proven pedigree here in the UK with more than 1,500 Volvo Hybrid Double Deck buses both in London and beyond, so this is another exciting step along the road to further emission-free operation, with all the environmental and societal benefits that this can bring,” he added.