Automotive lighting specialist, Strands Lighting  claims drivers can never have too much visibility when on the road, especially at night, and concedes that while, standard headlights fitted to today’s LCVs are generally far superior to the old days but still have their limitations.

That’s where a lighting upgrade is probably not just a luxury but a necessity for many applications.

Strands Lighting claims it has been making some big inroads into the aftermarket lighting market in Australia since the brand was launched here last year.

The announcement comes as the company has released its new flagship lighting offering – the Siberia Outlaw 32” LED Light Bar.

The company claims  that the new flagship offering delivers  premium lighting performance coupled with sleek looks and easy mounting options, Strands Lighting also tells us the 32” double-row model produces an impressive 1 lux of light at 1466 metres.

The company says  it also features a position light between both LED rows,  which allows owners to alternate between white and amber colour output.

It is also equipped with an advanced reflector design that the company says ‘better harnesses the light and directs it down the road in a spot beam pattern, delivering that “wall of bright white light”‘.

Strands says that other components include an aluminium housing, which is sealed to IP67 and IP69K, a tough polycarbonate lens material and premium circuit board and diodes,  that it says allows the LED bar to operate across extreme temperature ranges of between -20°C  and +45°C.

Strands Lighting is claimed to be one of Europe’s most popular automotive lighting brands, and it says ts Siberia Outlaw range sits at the top  of the company’s light bar offerings.

the company says that the  Siberia Outlaw 32” LED Light Bar is priced at $1,399.00 including shipping, and  is covered by a three-year warranty and is available to purchase on the Strands Lighting website.