AI tech helps speed up road repairs in SEQ

You might think that the hundreds of waste collection trucks plying their trade across Australia might be adding to the pothole problem, not help fix it.

But, after months of wet weather in the eastern states which has seen our road network cop a hammering, some waste collection trucks are actually helping solve the problem.

The Moreton Bay Regional Council in South-East Queensland has fitted special Artificial Intelligence camera systems to their garbage trucks that scan the roads for potholes, cracks and other imperfections.

The data is sent on to the council’s asset management team to create a job order, and workers sent out to fix the problem quickly.

Mayor Peter Flannery has told the ABC the system is helping speed up road repairs.

“There’s potholes all across our region at the moment … it’s not due to lack of maintenance, it’s just the weather we’ve had, the amount of rain we’ve had,” he said.

“It’s a great way of using a truck that’s going up and down streets every day of the week rather than rely on our residents to put in a complaint or for someone to have a nasty accident,” Clr. Flannery said.