Scania 560 S 6x2 Highline general cargo transport

Scania has announced it has started accepting orders for its new ranges of trucks from,  far earlier than originally anticipated.

As of 7th March Scania’s new six-cylinder 13-litre engine range comprising 460, 500, and 560 hp models will be available to order for delivery in the latter part of this year. Scania says the same timeframe applies for orders of the recently revised 16.4-litre V8 models: available as 590 and 660 hp variants, which join its flagship 770 hp V8 which is already on sale.

“We are responding to the demands of the market which has been pressing us to make these new products available to order as soon as possible,” said Scania Trucks Australia director of sales, Dean Dal Santo.

“We saw unprecedented demand for our truck range rise through 2021, with record levels of orders for 2022 delivery. Now, with the availability for ordering the updated models made possible by the factory, we are opening our order books for the new products ahead of schedule.

“The surge in demand for new trucks is a positive development for the economy, and reflects the bullish sentiment in the transport and logistics industries. It also reflects the desire of the top operators to get into the cleanest, most fuel efficient as well as the safest trucks on the road.

“This desire for new product also helps to flush older, dirtier trucks out of the national fleet and off the road, bringing an added benefit to all Australians in terms of improved air quality and reduction of CO2 emissions,” Dean said.

“Our customers drive our business and they have shown an increasing appetite to renew their fleets over the past few months and our forward projections suggest we will continue to see high levels of demand through 2022 and into 2023. We still plan to formally introduce the new product to the market in due course, but for now customers can rest assured that we can accept their orders for new product.

“During 2021 we received record orders and delivered substantially more trucks to the Australian market than in 2020. In excess of 1100 Scania trucks were delivered and an even larger number of trucks were ordered for delivery in 2022, from our existing ranges,” Dean said.