z truck

While other manufacturers are rolling out electric concepts, Iveco has unveiled a liquefied natural gas (LNG) concept at the Hannover Truck Show, the Z Truck.

The Iveco Z features all the technology you’d expect from a concept truck including an aerodynamic design, automated driving features and waste heat recovery system.

The LNG/bio-methane engine produces 460hp and 2,000Nm of torque with a predicted range of 2,200km.

According to brand president Pierre Lahutte, the environment and the driver were the two considerations at the forefront of the design.

“At Iveco we have been working to constantly reduce the impact of our vehicles with alternative fuels such as bio-LNG, and putting the driver and the customer at the centre of our technological and design development,” he said.

“With Iveco Z Truck and its 29 patents, we are defining where our efforts could lead us in the future: a vehicle with a human dimension, designed to accommodate comfortably and safely the work and leisure activities of the driver, adapting each time to his needs.”

Iveco believes the Z Truck ensures low carbon and particulate matter because of the use of bio-LNG, while the ‘conformable’ tanks use the latest insulation developments.

The tanks are made of aluminium insulated with a new system called MLI (Multi Layer Insulation), a reflective foil that protects from heat radiation.

A Rankine cycle heat waste recovery system also boosts the truck’s range by using the heat generated by the exhaust gas as an energy source and low rolling resistance tyres are fitted.

The interior is also designed to be a comfortable environment for the ‘logistics operator’ on board with autonomous controls and the seat, steering wheel and pedals all suspended from the cab.

When parked, the Z Truck’s rear wall automatically slides back to expand the interior by 500mm.