The big story at Brisbane Truck Show from Mercedes-Benz is its all-new rigid range.

The rigids follow new generation Benz prime movers late last year

The new rigid range includes  a family of trucks covering everything from distribution to waste applications.

They bring a suite of new technology including Euro 6 emission ratings, fuel economy savings, reduced AdBlue consumption, advanced safety technology and new levels of comfort and refinement.

A local testing program and customer consultation was implemented to decide specifications.

The model line-up features a wide range of application-specific models, configured to get the job one.

The rigid model line-up introduced in Brisbane runs all the way from a 12-tonne rigid city distribution unit through to a 32-tonne 8×4 model that can be used for palletized freight, equipment haulage or waste work.

Advanced technology is at the heart of the new generation Mercedes-Benz rigid trucks, with new engine families helping to deliver performance increases and fuel economy improvements.

Customers can choose from 8-litre and 11-litre units for the rigid range, although powerful 13-litre and 16-litre engines are also available for individual builds.

All of the engines meet advanced Euro 6 emission standards and feature asymmetric turbocharging as well as X-Pulse high pressure direct injection technology, which both help more usable torque and assist with low speed drivability.

They also feature a powerful new engine brake with up to 340kW of power, although a water retarder can increase the available braking force to a total of 750kW.  The 8-litre six-cylinder engine is available with either 299hp or 354hp, while the 11-litre unit is available with ratings of 394hp, 428hp or 455hp.

Fully automated transmissions are standard across the rigid range.