Bus Corp Oceania, the Australian and New Zealand distributor of Optare buses has announced that it has invested in a fleet of work-ready demonstrator vehicles to give operators the opportunity to try the technologically advanced monocoque buses in an everyday work environment.

BCO says it has invested more than $3 million in bringing the demonstrator fleet to Australia to ensure operators can try before they buy.

As well as a fleet of demonstrators BCO has also announced the launch of a bus rental operation that will give operators the chance to augment their fleets to meet increase in passenger and route demand.

According to Jason Pecotic, general manager of Bus Corp Oceania, the move to offer operators ready to work demonstrator buses for trial in fleets is part of Optare’s strategy to make operators aware of the real benefits it can deliver to their fleets.

“We are confident that if operators try an Optare on their fleet they will want to buy one, to take advantage of the longer term benefits such as light weight, better fuel efficiency, along with lower cost of operation and deployment,” said Jason Pecotic.

“Optare’s monocoque design can mean weight savings of close to one tonne per vehicle, which means it generates more payload while saving operators money,” he said.

“Optares have shown that they can generate double digit savings in fuel consumption and operating costs and while we can publicise that fact we want operators to see for themselves and the best way to do that is to add an Optare demo to a regular route or run,” he added.

“Bus Corp is also announcing a new rental fleet of Optare buses that will enable us to satisfy operator demand for buses on short and long term agreements, and again we believe that operators who rent our buses will also soon be won over by the advantages they offer,” he said.

BCO’s Optare demonstrator fleet will initially feature seven buses including three Tempo 12.5 urban spec two door buses and three eye-catching Solo midi buses, a pair of 7.9 metre models as well as a 10 metre Solo along with a single10.8 metre MetroCity route bus.

Bus Corp will have one of each of the Tempo 12.5 metre buses based in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane but can reposition buses to meet specific requirements with a similar policy for the Solo and MetroCity models.

Optare’s line up of buses ranges from the entry level 27 seater 7.9 metre Solo midi model through the 9.9 metre Solo, the larger Tempo and flagship MetroCity bus along with a new double decker, the MetroDecker.