Transport for NSW and Transit Systems have together stated that they have attracted ‘busloads of new drivers’ as recruitment their efforts for the Southwest Link bus  service kick into overdrive.

The Southwest Link is a bus service that the NSW Government  is implementing to ferry passengers between Sydenham and Bankstown and vice versa, while the rail line between the two hubs is shut for at least 12 months as it is converted to run as a driverless Metro train service.

The two organisations say that a majority of the required drivers have already been booked for induction and training, since recruitment efforts ramped up in April.

Transit Systems  says it has recruited a full roster of 118 drivers to work on the Southwest Link and that its U-Go Mobility service has 20 drivers in training.

The two say that the Southwest Link will need around 200 drivers so both bus operators are well on their way when it comes to hitting the recruitment targets.

They say that the recruitment of these new drivers will not mean that any other bus regions lose existing drivers, because they claim the plan relies on the recruitment of new drivers.

Transit Systems was awarded the contract to deliver two of the three rail replacement bus routes for Southwest Link during the final Metro conversion of the T3 Bankstown Line, saying that this has provided a great  opportunity for new drivers to embark on a driving career.

Transit Systems says it has been running induction courses every week for new applicants, and that the interest has been so significant that the company has flown in additional driver trainers from Perth to keep up with the influx of new recruits.

The organisation says that new drivers are eligible for sign-up bonuses of up to $6,000, paid training and a guaranteed job offer upon successful completion of the program.

U-Go Mobility will deliver the SW2  Southwest Link route, the Sydenham to Belmore express then all stops to Bankstown.

They say that these three Southwest Link routes have been designed to help ‘the communities of Canterbury Bankstown and the Inner West get to where they need to go efficiently as possible once the T3 Metro conversion gets underway.

U-Go’s involvement in Southwest Link comes after Transport for NSW and U-Go Mobility ended the bus driver shortage in Region 10, thanks to dedicated bus driver recruitment campaigns and a focused driver training program’.

The statement says that the boost to bus driver numbers in Sydney’s Region 10 is in part due to U-Go Mobility’s flagship ‘Women Behind the Wheel’ recruitment campaign, which is encouraging women to explore a career as a bus driver.

It says that through this campaign, U-Go, which is the area’s operator,  has doubled the number of women drivers serving the communities of Sydney’s south and south-west. It claims the program invests in women’s licensing and training to remove barriers and support access to the traditionally male-dominated industry.

The c0mpany said that If people are looking for a rewarding career change, full time work or some extra shifts, Transport for NSW is encouraging future drivers to join the call for a career in the bus industry by visiting

Minister for Transport Jo Haylen said the Southwest Link will play a crucial part in the integrated transport plan when the Sydenham to Bankstown Metro conversion happens.

“We will need all the bus drivers we can get to deliver it and help the community through what will be a really tough 12 months,” Minister Haylen said.

“It’s great news that Transit Systems’ and U Go’s recruitment campaign has attracted a strong stream of applicants, with dozens of new drivers starting their training each week but we still need more drivers, so if you are looking for a career change now is the perfect opportunity.

“And it won’t be over when we’re finished with Southwest Link. I want as many drivers as possible across NSW to stay in the industry after we get this done so we can help fix the wider bus driver shortage,” she added.

Transport for NSW coordinator-general, Howard Collins said that with the upcoming Southwest Link rail replacement buses there are opportunities for new drivers to get their start in the bus industry and do their bit to help the community during a difficult 12 months when T3 Metro conversion works get underway.

“For the recently or semi-retired, parents looking for flexible shifts, or ride-share drivers looking to make the switch, this opportunity could make a real difference in a cost-of-living crisis,” Collins said.

“Transit Systems and U-Go mobility have fantastic training programs that will help hundreds of new drivers feel confident as they get behind the wheel of their new career,” he added.

Transit Systems NSW managing director, Daniela Fontana said that all of its required drivers are now secured, with induction courses running every week for new applicants.

“We are pleased to see the investment into our recruitment efforts achieve the outcomes required, and set the benchmark for the industry,” said Fontana.

“We’re proud to work alongside our government partners to continue investing in the development of people, providing advanced skills training and development, while attracting new people to the industry,” she said.

“With more zero emission buses on the road than any other operator in the country and Australia’s largest operational electrified depot, it’s an extraordinary time of innovation in our industry and a very exciting time to join Team Transit.”

U-Go Mobility managing director Daniel Corbin said it was delighted to partner with the NSW Government in delivering Southwest Link rail replacement services while the conversion of the Bankstown Line takes place.

“Over the past year, we have recruited and trained a significant number of bus drivers to ensure we can provide safe and reliable journeys. We have further increased our recruitment focus in readiness and are continuing with the successful Women Behind the Wheel Campaign,” Corbin said.

“We are proud to support our people, customers and community during this time and are excited to grow the U-Go Mobility team,” he concluded.