Isuzu  uses  this week’s Japan Mobility Show (formerly the Tokyo Motor Show), to announced that  it would have a full revitalisation of its market leading model range in the next 12 to 18 months with an all new N-Series along with a new array of F -Series models along with its first electric truck at some stage in 2025.

Speaking to the Australian truck media in Japan, Isuzu Australia CEO, Andrew Harbison laid out the plan for the release of the all new truck range, which he said  will be launched in the second half of 2024.

The company revealed new styling, new engines, including one sourced from US  Global truck driveline supplier Cummins, a new nine speed dual clutch AMT, its first battery electric powered truck and new safety systems.

“The release of the all-new, next generation Isuzu truck range is set to propel our market success for years to come,” said Harbison.

“Isuzu Trucks has been fortunate as the preferred partner for Australian road transport equipment owners and operators for over three decades—and we are number one because of our customers,” he said.

“We provide the key capital equipment that they rely on for the success of their businesses. Ensuring that our product is fit-for-purpose, performs efficiently, and most critically, is comprehensively backed both by us as the OEM and Australia’s most professional dealer network is critical,” he continued.

“The release of the previous all-new Isuzu truck range was in 2008, and those models with their various upgrades and improvements over the period has sustained and even allowed us to build our market share in the 15 years since then.

“In 2024, we will set off into the future with a brand-new model line-up, the first of which will be the four-cylinder F Series as already announced.

“From there, we’ll see the arrival of our ever-popular light-duty N Series and the workhorse six-cylinder F Series, followed by heavy-duty FX Series model releases and concluding with the FY twin-steer range,” Harbison said.

Isuzu told the Australian press  that across the development of its next-generation truck range, key drivers will include carbon neutrality, driver comfort, safety, and connectivity. Isuzu is using the acronym ‘I-MACS’ or Isuzu Modular Architecture and Component Standard to describe the design approach it has taken with the new truck range.

The company says this encapsulates the idea of combining various components, parts, and devices on an as-needs basis, saying it will help cater to the diverse requirements of Isuzu Trucks customers in today’s market and into the future.

“Isuzu is well into the launch program for these new models, and we’re anticipating excellent performance in local operating conditions,” said IAL head of product, Matt Sakhaie.

“The execution of the design concepts and principles into the product is impressive,” Sakhie said.

“Using the new N Series EV and ICE product as an example—the commonality of these platforms which offers a vast number of possible configurations and variations to meet all manner of market and customer needs is quite remarkable,” he said.

Isuzu says its new N Series light truck range is set to build on its long-time market success with a host of new features and an expanded line-up.

The new N -Series will use basically the same cab that the current model uses but features an all new and striking grille treatment that gives the truck a starkly different appearance to the model it will replace.

Isuzu featured the new N-Series, both in ICE diesel and battery electric powertrain form and it was revealed that the diesel variant will have an all new nine-speed dual-clutch torque converter equipped AMT transmission, along with new higher power engines. It will also boast a full electronic safety suite.

“The new N Series is a winner in so many ways, from the new cab to more car driver’s licence and tipper models, increased GVM ratings, best-in-class safety and ADR80/04 emissions compliance… it all stacks up,” said Isuzu Australia, product manager of  light-duty product manager, Jeff Gibson.

“We also have some neat new model options including the tight-access master, the new NKR 6.5-tonne GVM narrow cab models, and a new high-power 4J engine variant in the 4JZ1 with both 150 and 175 horsepower ratings,” said Gibson.

“The all-new cab is comfortable, spacious and very efficiently appointed, while our new nine-speed Isuzu dual-clutch transmission will provide seamless shifts for a super-smooth driving experience,” he continued.

As mentioned upgraded safety is another aspect to the new N Series with features including intersection autonomous emergency braking (IEB) and traffic sign recognition (TCR) for all models, and full-speed adaptive cruise control (FACC) for all two-pedal models.

“With pilot models due to arrive shortly for validation trials, we’re keen to get out on the road and put these new models through their final paces,” Gibson said.


Meantime the the rollout of the new Isuzu range will include the  company’s first battery electric truck, the N Series EV, which is scheduled to start customer trials in Australian in 2024.

“We also have several Japanese-spec N Series battery electric models due to arrive shortly in Australia,” said Jeff Gibson.

“In-line with our strategy of targeting last mile and local council and government applications, the trucks will be car and light rigid licence models, rated at a 4.5-and 7.5-tonne GVM,” he  added.

“The eNLR at 4.5-tonne GVM will feature a three-battery configuration with 60kWh capacity, while the eNPR is rated at 7.5-tonne GVM in a five-battery configuration with 100kWh capacity.

“Having battery electric trucks on the ground and in trial is a major stage in this new model release program… it’s a remarkable experience to take part in,” Gibson said.

On the medium and heavy side of the Isuzu ledger  the new F Series models will feature a new six-cylinder  diesel engine, which Isuzu is sourcing from Cummins.

The F Series FSR/D, FV and FTS models will be equipped with the 6.7-litre DB6A Euro-VI engine, designed and engineered by Cummins, but manufactrured and assembled at Isuzu’s Tochigi engine plant in Japan. These Cummins powered Isuzus  will all come equipped with  fully automatic Allison transmissions.

“Our six-cylinder F Series model range with new engine is a first-class product and an outcome of the alliance with Cummins, representing one of the first major product initiatives from Isuzu Motors’ strategic partnerships,” said IAL medium and heavy-duty product manager and chief engineer, Simon Humphries.

“The medium-duty truck range has long benefitted from Isuzu’s expertise in incorporating industry benchmark components,” Humphries said.

“We have also upped the spec on heavy-duty FV models, with higher capacity steer axles, Meritor full-air disc brakes and an all-new chassis frame,” he added.

“In our heavy-duty FX and FY model ranges, we’ll see the introduction of our Euro-VI (Step C) 6UZ1 Isuzu engine and once again, a shift to auto only with Allison HD4430 across all models,” he continued.

“The trucks will also receive higher capacity Meritor steer axles and Meritor full-air disc brakes on all axles, plus a comprehensive ADAS suite.

“Our entire new release builds on our story of application engineered trucks that deliver on the promise of reliability.

“Starting with the all-new four-cylinder F Series models, continuing to the N Series and all the way through to our FX and FY models, we’re confident that the next-generation Isuzu truck range will meet and exceed the expectations of our customers for years to come,” he concluded.