While Australian car manufacturing begins to wind down, local commercial vehicle construction is alive and well with Queensland based Transit Australia Group (TAG) securing a $2 million grant to supply South Australia’s buses.

According to CEO of Transit Australia Group, Michael McGee, the contract provides jobs and showcases Australia’s manufacturing abilities.

“This is a fantastic deal for TAG which not only extends our manufacturing ability nationally but creates more jobs on the Gold Coast and in South Australia,” McGee said.

Bustech is the only company to build complete buses from start to finish in Australia, with others using imported chassis from Europe or as complete units from China.

“They are Gold Coast-engineered and built from the ground up, one tonne lighter, more energy efficient and designed for Australian conditions,” McGee added.

Bustech will build four buses in conjunction with SA based Precision Components – two diesel and two electric, while will then be used to evaluate how low-emissions buses can be integrated into the city of churches’ transport system.

It is expected to generate 100 jobs in South Australia and lead to the construction of hundreds of new buses over the coming years.

“This is the first step in a long-running partnership with Precision Components and the South Australian Government to create an advanced manufacturing alliance focused on e-mobility, transport and energy infrastructure in northern Adelaide,” McGee said.

“We’re also bidding for a 10-year government grant that would see our buses on their roads for the next decade.

“Adelaide enhances our production capacity for domestic supply and provides genuine export opportunities with our business ventures in New Zealand, Asia and the Middle East,” he said.