Major WA based transport and logistics firm, Centurion, has announced it has purchased 48 new Mercedes-Benz Actros adding to the company’s already large fleet,.

Centurion  cited the  safety and efficiency the Actros trucks will bring to its fleet as the major reason for the purchase  and said  that the cost of continuous repair and maintenance plus obsolete technology signalled it was time to change to new vehicles.

Centurion  tested various truck brands and models recent months and decided on  the Benz Actros 2646 and 2651 to replace trucks in  its metropolitan and regional operations across 12 regional branches.

Centurion National Plant and Asset Manager, Andrew Foster, said the trucks were primarily chosen because for their safety and environmental performance.

“The trucks are fitted with all the latest safety features including adaptive cruise control, very sensitive brake assist and lane assist ” said Foster. “They have sensors that pick up on any objects, such as kangaroos or stray cows, that could come into the truck’s path during a journey and automatically apply the brakes.”

He went on to explained that the Actros features Anti-lock Braking systems (ABS), Electronic Braking Systems (EBS) as well as Electronic Stability Program (ESP) safety technology all of which added to the purchase decision..

The Benzes are also Euro6 compliant, reportedly resulting in lower emissions and better fuel economy, reducing costs and benefitting the environment, Centurion said in a statement.

On-board telematics allows  Centurion management  to monitor the performance of every truck and driver and the company is rewarding drivers who demonstrate a consistently high standard of safety on the roads.