CMV Truck & Bus – Albury / Wodonga - Photoshoot at Rom Finemore Transport, Wagga Wagga, NSW, Australia

Ron Finemore Transport has marked a milestone by taking delivery of its 300th Volvo truck at its main base in Wodonga.

The truck, a Volvo FH540, was delivered by CMV Truck and Bus in Albury/ Wodonga.

Ron Finemore Transport is based in Wodonga based  and has been operating in its current incarnation since 2004 providing regional and inter-capital transport services across three divisions including Food, Produce and Manufactured Goods and Bulk Liquids.

The Finemore name dates back long before 2004 in Australian road transport as a highprofile transport operator.

Volvo’s  press release about the milestone stated that ‘safety is a number one priority forRon Finemore Transport, which has aligned it perfectly with both the Volvo Trucks brandand the CMV Truck  Bus business over the years’.

“The sentiment in the long-lasting relationship we have with Ron Finemore Transport is incredibly important to our business,”  said Miles Crawford, general manager, CMV Truck and Bus.

“The total offer, the relationship and the ownership experience is something that lives longafter the truck hits the road,” Miles added.

“Each of the 300 prime movers delivered to Ron Finemore Transport over the years has also supported numerous local suppliers within this area,” said Brent Fuge, sales manager forCMV Albury/Wodonga.

They are a supporter of our local community with a presence on the national stage, and I’mextremely proud of our long standing partnership,” he added

Managing director at  RFT, Mark Parry said that for the company, local manufacturing and engineering only adds to the Volvo value proposition.

“The fact that these trucks are engineered and built here in Australia provides a level of agility and adaptability for our business,” said Parry.