Allison Transmission,  famous for its conventional automatics has continued its moves to transition into a supplier of electric drivelines as the world moves to a zero emission future.

Allison had a prominent position at the recent IAA Transportation expo in Hannover  where it announced its new eGen Power 130S, the latest product to be introduced to its eGen Power family of fully electric axles.

Allison said the key components of its new 130S include a new suspension systems, V-rod brackets, banjo housing, brakes, wheel ends and axle spindle were designed specifically to support a heavier 13-ton gross axle weight rating, which is often required by commercial vehicles in Europe and Asia Pacific markets.

The Allison130S uses a single motor to generate 225 kilowatts of continuous power, with a peak power of 325 kilowatts, and 26,000Nm of torque at the wheels. It also features a two-speed parallel axis gear architecture, meeting application launch and highway cruise demands, while maximising energy recovery through 100 per cent regenerative braking capability.

The 130S joins Allison’s eGen Power line-up of e-Axles, which includes the 100D, introduced in 2020, as well as the 130D and 100S introduced in 2021.

“The introduction of the eGen Power 130S is representative of Allison’s global approach to electric vehicle propulsion. We understand that there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to electrification and a variety of products will be needed to address the wide range of markets Allison serves,” said Heidi Schutte, Allison Transmission vice president for EMEA, APAC and South America sales.

“We are pleased to expand our eGen Power family of e-Axles once again in order to deliver an additional electric propulsion solution for European and Asia Pacific markets,” Schutte said.

Allison said the eGen Power series of electric axles are modular and designed for installation and easy integration into existing vehicle chassis. Allison says it’s portfolio of e-Axle models has been developed to address the diverse needs of Allison’s customers as they evaluate electric vehicle capabilities to meet the rigorous demands of the commercial vehicle market.