Australian refrigerated transport equipment manufacturer, Eurocold says it has delivered the first of its range of electric refrigerated trucks and  claims it is offering customers the opportunity to enter into short to medium term rental contracts to assist in transitioning fleets to zero emission.

Eurocold was established in Brisbane four years ago providing refrigerated truck bodies for the traditional internal combustion engines (ICE) truck market, however the company says the Eurocold Revora EV range is the first step toward the future for the company.

It claims  to have utilised every piece of its DNA in understanding refrigerated transport, and undertaken what it describes as a painstaking process o select physical and technology OEM partners for its Revora EV range.

Aside from the physical trucks and refrigerated units, the company claims input from technologists in the EV space has enabled it to develop an entire turnkey solution for customers.

It says the solution has been designed to maximise the effectiveness of a customer’s move to electric,  and provides total tracking software, charging stations selected after a worldwide search – along with continued education and service so customers’ experience with electrification can grow with the its team.

Eurocold says its Revora EV range features all-electric three and eight pallet trucks – as well as a van model with the company says it is set to electrify the refrigerated transport industry.

The company says  that its range includes a two pallet Van EV –  based around the Ford e-Transit  with a range of 130km with the fridge and a 1,100kg payload. It moves up from there to the three pallet EV truck body based on the  Foton T5  with a range of 110km fridge equipped and with a 1,000kg payload, while the largest  refrigerated truck body boasts an eight- pallet capacity based on the Volvo FL and with a range of 210km  and  a 5,100kg payload with the refrigeration equipment.

Eurocold  says the refrigeration unit attached to each vehicle is sourced from well-established global  refrigeration innovator Carrier, which introduced its first electric refrigerated cabinet a decade ago.

The refrigerated bodywork is Italian-manufactured ISOKIT, for whom Eurocold has been  a longterm distributor in the Australian market.

Eurocold  says its team, based based at its new 8,677 square metre facility in the Logan, south of Brisbane, which opened in May 2024, has meticulously curated the range and says that it offers unmatched sustainability and efficiency.

The company says it is well placed to service most of the country with its vehicles in key delivery areas, thanks to bases in South East Queensland, Sydney, Melbourne and Western Australia,

According to Eurocold founder and managing director, Avraam Solomonthat the  Revora EV business model has been geared towards the rental market, which will allow customers the opportunity to enable the evolution of electric cold transport across Australia.

“Eurocold’s aim is to be a powerhouse cold fleet partner and a leader in moving towards the future of refrigerated transport,” said Avraam Solomon. “In a short period of time, by leaning on the R&D we’ve undertaken through many years of being in this industry, we’ve taken some momentous steps in our aim to transform how cold goods move around Australia,” Solomonthat said.

“At the absolute core of that into the future is electrification,” he added.

“The Eurocold team wants to work with our customers to raise the bar on refrigerated transport with safe, sustainable solutions through being a leader in guiding the industry towards net zero emissions.

“We’re realistic in understanding that for many of our customers, electrification is a new frontier – and it isn’t for every situation.

“Initially, the Eurocold Revora EV range will blend with existing diesel fleets in servicing those last mile deliveries.

“Our initial feedback from the drivers and their experience with the Eurocold electric trucks has exceeded our expectations as much as it did theirs. Most of those drivers have had no experience with electric vehicles, let alone trucks and the quality and performance of the trucks has excited them.

“Similarly, the customers that take delivery of the cold goods have been incredible in their comments regarding electric trucks transporting their goods.”

Eurocold has reviewed and updated its rental model specifically for EVs to allow for shorter term rentals – from three months onwards – to allow customers to experience electrified transport options and how that may integrate into their business.

“We’ve established flexible rental models that will enable customers to experience what an electric future may look like through their fleet,” added Solomon. “As I mentioned, it isn’t for everyone right now, however what we’re finding is that our customers trust Eurocold, trust Eurocold’s product knowledge and are prepared to make the initial move.

“This is just the first step of many to come,” he said.

“As more technology and knowledge becomes available, we have the ability and scope to move with the market and our customer requirements.”

Eurocold’s new  chief commercial officer , Kanani Draper has joined the company with extensive experience in the fleet and automotive field, having spent many years with Toyota Fleet Management Solutions as state manager and also at Hastings Deering managing

Kanani is fusing the relationship between the nationwide team and drawing energy from customer feedback to provide the tools necessary for those customers to transition their fleets to electrification for last mile deliveries.

“The aim here at Eurocold is pretty simple: We are bringing together a team of the best minds, combining the world’s leading brands, and leveraging the latest technology to assist our customer base to move towards electrification,” said Kanani Draper.

“Many of our customers have been in the industry for many years and have built up their businesses through traditional means.

“Our job here at Eurocold is to arm them with the tools and the knowledge that allows them to cut through the noise and misinformation, allowing them to adapt to this fresh way of thinking.

“We’re entering the market heavily focused on the rental side which provides the opportunity to begin a transformation to an electric fleet, but also gives us the knowledge to refine and improve our products over time.”

Kanani points out that Eurocold is taking a holistic approach to entering what is – for some – uncharted territory.

“Change is not just part of our journey, it’s something we embrace together.

“That statement is front and centre from the very first discussions with customers, allowing Eurocold to embrace the challenges that the customer base may face when considering electric vehicles.”

“This then allows us to turn those challenges into opportunities.”

Earlier this year, Eurocold announced that one of the world’s leading refrigerated transport companies, French-based Petit Forestier Group had taken a majority shareholding in the parent company after 12 months ago announcing that it would expand across Australia to support new customer bases and grow its overall footprint and enter the electric refrigerated trucking space.