Sumitomo Rubber Australia has re-launched the Falken brand on the Australian commercial vehicle market with a complete range of tyres for small to large duty applications, as well as on and off road designs.

According to Sumitomo Australia’s managing director, Ken Furuhama, Falken is already looking at new tread patterns in a bid to match rivals like Michelin, Bridgestone, Kumho and Continental.

“We’re excited to be reintroducing ourselves to the Australian trucking industry with no less than 24 truck tyres changes – and we have more in the pipeline,” Furuhama said.

Falken is already putting its new line up to the test in real world Australian conditions, with Mount Gambier’s Raymond Scott Transport and NSW based Gates Haulage.

Ray Scott has been sold on the price and longevity of the steer tyres he’s implemented on his trucks.

“The RI128 super single steer gets much better life, with a sharper price point, so it is much more competitive than the major brands we’ve run in the past,” he said.

Sumitomo Rubber Australia’s technical service manager Mick Small admits even he has been surprised by the initial interest in the new range.

“Whilst we designed the new products with abrasive Australian roads in mind, the take-up of some products has been impressive, with BI850 being the standout,” Small said.

“Tipper/dog and livestock operators have quickly adopted it, with great results coming from the 22.2mm deep open traction pattern and mild cut/chip resistant compound.”

The new drive tyre has been run by Gates Haulage over the past few months and had already become the preferred option.

“Falken and Sumitomo tyres have always performed well in our tipper and dog operations,” said manager Paul Gates.

“We have been running the new BI850 drive tyre for over six months now. Basically, they’ve become the standard fitment for all of our PBS combinations.”

Falken has also released new tyres for the construction and mining sectors, with a new deep cut resistant off road model suitable to all positions as well as trailers.