Fuso’s newest heavy hitter is coming to Australia with Daimler’s Japanese  brand set to debut a 510hp version of its flagship Shogun, joining Japanese market leader Isuzu in  the  500hp club, a factor that is sure to put the pressure on Hino to match its Japanese counterparts.

The new 13 litre Fuso Shogun is set to arrive in Australia next month boasting 510hp and 2500Nm thanks to its use of the Daimler family 13 litre and Fuso tells us that it will be the best performing Japanese truck in Australia with a big torque advantage.

In fact the new Shogun 510  will boast 245 Nm more than Isuzu’s Giga  and produces it 200rpm lower at 1100rpm. It also has the same maximum power as the Giga but it again comes 200rpm lower at 1600rpm.

Fuso says the Shogun 510 will increase the breadth of the Fuso Shogun prime mover and rigid model range that already includes 8-litre and 11-litre options.

The company says  that the truck  was developed specifically for Australia in response to requests from local customers for a ‘true high-performance Japanese heavy duty B-Double capable truck’ and added that it has been several years in the planning.

The proven Daimler OM471 six-cylinder engine is mated to the Daimler 12-speed AMT making the most of the engine’s strength and torque band.

The advanced six-cylinder engine, features an asymmetric turbocharger and meets Euro 6 emissions standards, well in advance of the protocol being mandated in Australian regulations.

Fuso says its engineers have carried out extensive testing of the Shogun 510 since 2017, including an outback Australian test of an initial prototype, as well as durability testing in South Africa and an additional production-ready test in Australia and New Zealand.

The arrival of the Fuso 510  joining Isuzu’s 510 Hp Giga means that Hino’s recently launched new 700 series is lagging its two opp0nents with its 13 litre engine delivering peak horsepower of just 480hp  and  only, 2157Nm of torque, however Hino personnel have hinted that a higher horsepeower 700  could be on the horizon.