You know how a high-flow diesel pump helps you fill your tanks heaps quicker than a standard diesel pump? Well, Daimler Trucks have been working on a similar concept for getting the juice into their electric truck batteries much quicker.

And getting a faster charge is almost as important as the actual drive range of an electric vehicle.

electrdrive.com has published a story that says Mercedes-Benz Trucks engineers in Germany have for the first time charged a prototype of the eActros 600 with an output of one megawatt (MW).

What does that mean?

It means that potentially future recharging of a heavy-duty electric truck could take as little as 30 minutes (for about an 80% charge).

And that could be a real game changer.

There appears to be a bit of an arms race going on in regards to high voltage recharging developments in Europe, Mercedes-Benz rivals MAN has reportedly developed a 700-kilowatt charging system, that is of course lower than the reported 1 MW achieved by Merc.

Details remain a little hidden on the charging process and no info was provided about what kind of hardware delivered that power load into the eActros.

One thing we do know is that the eActros 600 will be capable of charging at up to 400 kW, which is standard in the industry to date.

Check out more details on the story, including a closer look at what the other manufacturers are achieving in this space on the electrdrive website.