Hino Australia is working to strengthen awareness of its 700 Series heavy duty truck range and its potential for Performance Based Standards (PBS) adaptability with a Queensland-based tipper and dog demonstrator.

Hino Australia is sending its 700 Series FS 2848 ProShift 16 Air demonstrator to each of its Queensland dealers so potential customers can sample the vehicle. It will also be attending trade and agricultural shows throughout the state.

The demonstrator was recently given PBS approval with the help of local bodybuilders Shephard Transport Equipment, who set up the truck to suit a range of different customers’ needs.

It was approved for Level II General Mass Limit (GML) and is capable of running at either 50 tonne GCM as a standard truck with a four-axle dog at 19 metres, or on approved roads at up to 54.8 tonnes GCM.

Hino Australia Regional Sales Manager for Queensland and the Northern Territory, Karl Hancox, said he is hopeful the demonstrator will help increase awareness of the 700 Series with buyers who haven’t previously considered the Hino heavy duty line-up.

“An increasing number of regional councils and other organisations around Australia are buying the 700 Series because its comfort and safety levels make it an ideal workplace environment, and for its rock-solid reliability,” Mr Hancox said.

“But in general buyers of heavy duty trucks aren’t as familiar with Hino as our light duty buyers are, and we’d like to show off the 700 Series to more of these potential customers.”

Mr Hancox said the demonstrator will show what is possible with a Hino 700 Series under the PBS scheme.

“With over 70 per cent of PBS approval being focused on truck and dog applications, this is a great opportunity for the 700 Series,” Mr Hancox said.

“It seems there is some confusion over what can be achieved under the PBS scheme, and we think our demonstrator can help clear this up while showing exactly what the Hino 700 Series is capable of.

“The tipper and dog demo has great road presence too – I have already had good feedback from dealers, and people are noticing it on the roads.”

Like most of the Hino 300 and 500 Series light and medium duty models, the cabin strength of the 700 Series conforms to the internationally recognised United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) Regulation No. 29.

The Hino 700 Series also comes standard with ABS brakes, cruise control, electric and heated exterior mirrors and Front Under-run Protection System (FUPS) (UNECE R93) technology. FUPS is designed to protect other motorists in an accident with a heavy vehicle by preventing their vehicle from becoming trapped or crushed under the front of the truck in the event of a front-on collision. It also ensures the truck driver has steering control in the event of an accident.

In addition, the 700 Series’ cockpit, with fully air adjustable ISRI driver’s seat and fully integrated seat-mounted seatbelt, is designed to be an ergonomic and comfortable environment suitable for long workdays.

For more information on the Queensland Hino 700 Series demonstrator, contact your nearest Hino dealer.