Hino has announced the winners of its tenth annual National Skills Championships in which the truck makers Australian dealer network competes each year for  the coveted titles

The best 18 finalists in the sales, service and parts categories from the Hino dealer network gathered in Sydney on 21 November for the finals after winning their way through qualifying rounds over the past four months.

The finalists demonstrated their expertise through real-world roleplay scenarios, predominantly based on the Hino 500 Series Standard Cab.

The parts contestants were further challenged to identify genuine and non-genuine parts, while sales consultants were quizzed on product knowledge.

“Hino Australia’s National Skills Contest is reflective of our investment in developing and training staff, while challenging them to continually improve and keep up to date with the latest technology, all of which were contributing factors to us winning both the global parts and service awards for the eighth consecutive time earlier this year,” said Mr Steve Lotter, chair and CEO of Hino Australia.

“Having a skilled dealer network is essential for the continued success of Hino Australia and allows us to showcase the proficiency of our staff in providing world-class service and knowledge to our customers.”

The 2019 National Skills Contest winners were Shane Curtain from Sci-Fleet Hino inb sales, Kara Green from Adtrans Hino in parts and Mohammed Sharuk, Prestige Hino in service with each winner receiving an all-expenses paid trip to Japan.

As well as rubbing our noses into it on the Rugby field the Kiwis also triumphed for the second year in a row in the Australia versus New Zealand Technical Challenge. In the head-to-head Challenge victory went to Nathan Douglas from across the ‘dutch’ at Truckstops Wellington, who edged out Martyn Alexander from Newcastle Hino after completing a series of repair and diagnostic tasks over 30 minutes.

“After the results were tied last year, it was no surprise to see the Australia versus New Zealand honours so closely contested again this year,” said Mr Lotter.

“Congratulations to Nathan on his win, but more importantly for demonstrating so well the skills that Hino technicians bring to the customer experience on both sides of the Tasman.”
Hino National Skills Contest Winners 2019

1st – Mohammed Sharuk, Prestige Hino
2nd – Michael Xiao, CMI Hino Melbourne
3rd – Peter May, FRM Hino

1st – Kara Green, Adtrans Hino
2nd – Ryan Macauley, CMI Hino Adelaide
3rd – Michael Greenhill, Prestige Hino

1st – Shane Curtain, Sci-Fleet Hino
2nd – Daniel Attard, City Hino
3rd – Brodie Smith, FRM Hino