All the big global heavy commercial vehicle players are getting in on the possibilities of electrification, and the shift has also opened the door for new entities to get into the race.

Think of Tesla as a perfect example. However, there have been some other truck and bus electrification start-ups that haven’t even really made it to the starting line.

Let alone ever needing to recharge their batteries for the long haul.

Well, here’s another new player – Tresa Motors.

We reckon though that this Indian group might just be a longer-term and more serious proposition.

They’ve just launched the rather striking vehicle seen in the image above, and it might even be an offering we see on Aussie roads in the future.

Called the Tresa V0.2, the Indian group says their new offering will stand out as an eco-friendly logistics solution.

The e-powertrain statistics being quoted by the manufacturer are quite stunning.

They claim that their battery packs can deliver up to a 600km driving range while enabling a rapid recharge of 400km range in just 20 minutes.

And, how about this? Their “Flux 350” motor can deliver 24,000 Nm of torque at the vehicle’s wheels!

The Tresa Vo.2 also has a central driving position making it right to go for both left and right-hand drive markets.

We’ll keep you updated as more info on the Tresa offering comes to hand, in the meantime, check out this video supplied by the Indian manufacturer.

And further info can be had on the Tresa website.