Volvo Bus has announced the introduction of a new Driver Support System (DSS) which it says is packed with a range of capabilities including Forward Collision Warning with Emergency Braking, Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Keeping Support and Driver Alert Support on its Euro 6 coach range.

The comopany says latest DSS technology uses both radar and front camera to detect vehicles in front of the coach when driving.  If a collision is imminent, the driver gets both a visual and an audible warning. If the driver doesn’t react to the warning, a pre-brake is activated automatically followed by full braking power. The system also handles braking in curves for driver and passenger comfort.

“Volvo’s Driver Support System offers our customers the highest level of safety. It is an excellent example of our continued proactive approach to road safety and our drive to achieve our safety vision of zero accidents in Volvo vehicles,” says Lauren Downs, General Manager Volvo Bus Australia.

“Available on Volvo’s Euro 6 coaches, the Volvo Driver Support System package is designed to help the driver avoid critical situations and accidents. Even in cases when the auto brake technology is unable to avoid a collision, the lowered impact speed helps to mitigate the consequences for the driver and the passengers allowing operators to feel confident with the Volvo Coaches in their fleet,” explains Lauren Downs.

The full Driver Support System Package also includes Adaptive Cruise Control that automatically keeps a set distance to the vehicle in front, and a Lane Keeping Support System, which warns the driver if the coach is about to cross a lane marking unintentionally.

In addition, the Driver Alert Support functionalities of the system further reduce the risk of accidents caused by tired or distracted drivers. The system registers drivers’ behaviour and the position of the bus in the lane. If drivers lose concentration, the system displays pop-up messages and emits audible signals to encourage them to pay attention to the road ahead or to take a break.