Isuzu Australia’s has recently been transformed into the parent company’s regional distribution hub for the Oceania region with the company’s Australian warehouses now distributing Isuzu truck parts to New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, Tahiti, the Cook Islands, Solomon Islands, Marshall Islands, New Caledonia, Western Samoa and Fiji.

The Isuzu Australia parts distributions centres have apparently also allowed IAL to enhance its service offerings across the growing market for Isuzu trucks and parts in Australia.

Isuzu claims the facility locations also allow a shortened lead-time, reduced freight costs, more frequent shipments, increased regional parts availability, customer satisfaction, and the integration of parts distribution from Isuzu manufacturers in Japan and Thailand.

Isuzu says that for New Zealand distribution, while it previously took 33 days to transport Isuzu parts from Yokohama to Auckland via sea, it now only takes a single day by over night air freighter from Australia.

Continuing IAL’s focus on expediting freight times from Japan to Australia, the company also offers a premium air freight service in the form of the SVIP program.

Under SVIP, if an order is placed before 9:30am EST, Isuzu Japan will process and dispatch the same day.

This means that, depending on stock availability, Isuzu Parts can be delivered into IAL’s Melbourne or Brisbane warehouse within three to four working days*.

SVIP orders are given the highest level of priority at IAL warehouses, so parts can be delivered to the ordering dealership as promptly as possible.

IAL National Parts Manager, John Plunkett, said the SVIP program is allowing IAL to meet the growing demand for Isuzu parts across the South Pacific.

“As demand continues to grow for high-quality Isuzu parts across the South Pacific, we are  ideally situated to service locations in the region,” Mr. Plunkett said.

“With a program like SVIP, Australia’s distance from Japan is no longer such an obstacle or an inconvenience.

“This means we can easily meet the demand and provide all Isuzu customers with a better service.

“We will continue to enhance our delivery processes and look forward to meeting our customers’ parts needs well into the future.”

Please contact your Isuzu Trucks dealer for further information.

*Dependant on flight schedules flights from Japan and excludes any delays beyond IAL’s control, such as delays in customs clearance.