isuzu tipper

Why choose a vehicle from the Isuzu ‘Ready to Work’ range? Well, the Japanese brand tells us there are many good reasons.

The number one reason though is to make sure you’re fully compliant with safety and regulatory rules.

Speaking after the release of an Isuzu report titled ‘Future of Trucking’, Isuzu Australia Limited National Sales Manager, Les Spaltman, tells us the report found compliance, especially around Chain of Responsibility (CoR), was an increasingly important factor for truck buyers.

“As our FoT report states, 35 percent of small fleets are completely unprepared for, or unaware of their CoR requirements.”

“Large fleets are performing ahead of their smaller counterparts when it comes to implementing policies—possibly a reflection of the more complex operations and regulatory compliance that comes with a larger fleet operation.

isuzu servicepack truck
The Isuzu Servicepack is delivered ready to work.

“However, either way, these figures are a concern,” he said.

A huge area of focus for CoR law is mass loading and this is often where smaller fleets draw the unwanted attention of regulatory bodies.

Due to gaps in CoR awareness and education, smaller operations can be more prone to overlooking mass limitations and guidelines, and overloading vehicles such as utes that are simply not fit for purpose.

“Fines can run between $50,000 and $500,000, so the cost of complying with regulations should really be a non-negotiable expense for any transport-dependent business.

“In fact, 16 percent of businesses we surveyed described compliance with CoR as ‘an essential business expense’.”

Isuzu’s current marketing campaign titled, ‘Playtime is Over’, makes the light-hearted suggestion that those ready to take their business to that next level should be in the market for the efficiencies and practicalities of a light-duty truck.

“If you want to stay on the right side of regulations, if you want to reduce trips, achieve better mileage and have the peace of mind that you have bought the right tool for the trade you’re in, then it’s definitely time to update the ute and get yourself into an Isuzu Ready-to-Work truck.”