Isuzu quietly announced, almost in passing, that  it has phased out its flagship Giga model, leaving the  way clear  for perhaps  either a new 500 plus horsepower Cummins engined heavy, or perhaps a UD solution, now that  that brand is now owned by Isuzu.

Asked whether  Isuzu would be looking to match the  newly released Fuso Shogun 510, Isuzu executives mentioned that the Giga has been phased out of the line up but did not reveal what would be the company’s  next  model at the top of the range.

It  doesn’t appear to have worried Isuzu’s heavy duty sales with the brand continuing to perform strongly in the Heavy Duty market  taking  third place between key protagonists Kenworth and Volvo  month after month, and always well ahead of  both  of its Japanese counterparts.

However it is clear that Isuzu is looking at options to fill the gap left by the Giga although Isuzu management was cagey about wheat options it would take  in delivering a Giga replacement.

Isuzu has announced it has an agreement in place with US engine giant Cummins with Isuzu set to be the maker of Cummins small engines in the future and Cummins to supply larger engines for Isuzu.

Of course Isuzu paid Volvo in excess of #US 2 billion for UD  earlier this year and  that could provide a high end driveline to meet the need.

Hino has rejected entering the 500 hp bracket  with its newly launched 700 series, at least for the time being, while it remains to be seen how Fuso’s move into the 500hp realm will work out for the Daimler owned brand

It is clear we have to wait and see what the future holds  for Isuzu in the top end of the market.