Meantime here in Australia we are still waiting to hear any information or details around the re-introduction of the International brand down under.

Truck E-News reported back in mid-March that a decision was imminent and local Navistar spokesman Glen Sharman told us that announcement was expected in the next month. Three months on the return of International and how the brand will be distributed here is no clearer and we are no closer to knowing.

Back in March Sharman told Truck E-News  “We’re hoping to make an announcement in the next month or so, I suppose you could say we have been looking at a lot of different options,” he said.

“There are lots of rumours out there, let the rumours flow as far as I am concerned,” Sharman added.

The Navistar AusPac marketing man said that there are a lot of dealers who would like to have access to the Navistar International range.

Exactly when an announcement is coming is anyone’s guess. When we hear you’ll be the first to know.