Transport for NSW has announced that it is calling for expressions of interest from ‘leaders in the energy, transport, manufacturing and financing sectors’ to participate in trials of zero emission buses and associated technologies.

The statement from TNSW says these trials will be undertaken in partnership with transport operators in the Sydney and Outer metropolitan areas and are part of the NSW Government’s strategy to transition the entire public bus fleet to zero emissions.

The release of the Request for Expressions of Interest (RFEOI) says TNSW, builds on a market sounding process conducted in early 2019 which ‘demonstrated a high level of interest in developing and running trials of environmentally friendly zero emission buses and infrastructure’.

TNSW says the collaborative development of trials ‘confirms NSW as a nationwide leader in exploring solutions to challenging problems, with the transport sector the second largest – and fastest growing – source of greenhouse gas emissions’.

“We have to meet our environmental challenges head-on and learn from cities around the world. We are committed to taking advantage of new technology that reduces the impact that current diesel buses have on air quality and people’s health,” said Elizabeth Mildwater, Transport for NSW deputy sZEERO ecretary, Greater Sydney.

“We want to eventually transition the entire public transport bus fleet to zero emissions as part of our strategy to make public transport more sustainable into the future.

“Bus patronage in Sydney has grown remarkably over the last few years and we must continue to meet future demand in a sustainable way. Zero emission technology not only has the potential to reduce emissions in our communities, but also reduce operational costs.

“These trials are a crucial step towards this goal and will provide us with important findings about future infrastructure and energy needs. It is essential that we collaborate with industry to trial and develop the most innovative, effective and sustainable new technology and approaches for our local transport needs.”

The RFEOI will explore multiple trials of zero emission technology including battery electric and hydrogen buses.

The RFEOI is available on eTender and will remain open for a period of around three months.