Spilt Milk: A national crash reduction program for the dairy industry Launched

milk truck

A new road safety initiative for the dairy industry is being launched by National Transport Insurance (NTI).

The transport and logistics specialist insurer tells us work has begun on a new training program to improve road safety in the dairy industry.

It will be called “Spilt Milk: A national crash reduction program for the dairy industry.”

Funding for the program has come to NTI from the Federal Government, through the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator’s (NHVR) Heavy Vehicle Safety Initiative.

NTI Head of Customer and Industry Strategy, Staci Clark said NTI will work with experts and those involved in transport for the dairy industry to develop and test training programs, resources, and workshops.

“The goal is to reduce dairy tanker rollovers and improve road safety by working with drivers, fleet managers, and maintenance consignors.”

The Australian dairy industry produces $4.4 Billion of milk each year, but the industry is over-represented in crash statistics.

NTI data shows on average dairy tankers are 2.4 times more likely to be involved in a major crash than other freight transport. That’s the equivalent of one in 17 dairy tankers compared to one in 41 other heavy vehicles.

Ms. Clark said a similar education program in Victoria’s forestry industry resulted in a 65 percent reduction in rollovers from 29 in a year to FY20 being rollover free.

“For the dairy industry, it is about improving road safety and protecting the environment because dairy tanker crashes not only put drivers and road users at risk, but can cause milk and diesel spills,”

“Keeping Australian industry moving toward a safer and more sustainable future is our priority and this program is another example of NTI working with industry to achieve that.”

To express interest in NTI’s Spilt Milk Program email sustainability@nti.com.au.

And further information about NTI’s Spilt Milk Program is available here.