In another major unveiling at the Hannover Truck Show Mercedes-Benz has given its electric Urban eTruck a world premiere, following on from the recent preview of the prototype version.


The 26-tonne, tri-axle rigid features a revolutionary aero exterior with an equally dramatic interior design using electric wheel motors adjacent and a battery life of up to 200km.


“It makes its way silently through the city with zero local emissions and demonstrates the latest developments in all-electric vehicles in the heavy short-radius distribution sector,” said Mercedes-Benz press release.


“ It is based on a unique concept: its drive is by means of electric motors adjacent to the wheel hubs, while the power supply comes from a modular battery pack. This puts the Urban eTruck on a par with conventionally-engined trucks when it comes to payload and suitability for everyday use. But at the same time, it is far more environmentally friendly, generates zero local emissions and makes barely any noise.


“The revolutionary technical concept is part of an integrated system for eTrucks with a made-to-measure telematics service in FleetBoard and power supply using stationary battery storage. Standard-production vehicles of this type would be conceivable from the start of the next decade.”


The Urban eTruck is compliant with the Euro VI emissions standards and also comes with a completely new display and control system consisting of two screens. The central 12.3-inch display shows the driver a wide range of information including vehicle routes, map data and speeds.


“Thanks to the stored map data, the automatic drive control also receives prior warning of braking and acceleration phases and road features such as traffic lights,” the company said. “The Urban eTruck automatically adjusts its speed in line with the road sign recognition system.”