Reality Bites – Volvo Trucks Hit Reality Road

Volvo Trucks has launched a new reality TV show with Swedish-American songstress Mapei that will see the artist accompany a truck driver on a nine-day road trip through Europe.

Part of a marketing campaign to give the general public a better understanding of the trucking industry, the show called ‘Reality Road’ is also starring film director Liza Minou Morberg, who is tasked with recording a new music video for Mapei whilst on the road.

“With Reality Road we want to show the strength of our service offerings,” said Per Nilsson, Director Public Relations Volvo Trucks.

“For a truck to stay on the road, the services that are linked to it are just as important as the vehicle itself. At the same time, we want to produce TV entertainment that attracts a wider audience. As far as I know, no other company has used reality TV for marketing purposes.”

Behind the wheel of the Volvo truck is Jens Karlsson, truck driver for 28 years and precision driver in Volvo Trucks’ much talked-about commercials The Epic Split and The Ballerina Stunt.

True to the thrill-seeking character of past commercials, ‘Reality Road’ will now show his FH driven on two wheels at a test track outside Berlin.

This time, however, Karlsson leaves the driving part to stunt driver Walter Melis, one of the world’s foremost experts at driving on two wheels.

“Driving on two wheels in a truck is one of the most difficult things you can do. I have to be totally concentrated when driving since I’m actually balancing the truck with my own weight – I drive literally by the seat of my pants,” Melis commented.

The two-wheel stunt is not just part of Mapei’s forthcoming music video, but will also be used as part of Volvo Trucks’ new Truck Service campaign.

The new Volvo series comprises a total of eight episodes. The first three are now available on Volvo Trucks’ YouTube channel.