Scania has announced a new funding package  that it hopes will help ease some of the cashflow burden its retail owner and fleet customer base may be suffering as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The initiative is called Scania Easy Pay  and the company says it has been introduced specifically to combat the effects of the restricted cashflow many operators are enduring.

Scania is urge businesses who might be tempted to delay regular servicing, or repairs that are needed to maintain their fleet in safe working order, to talk to them about Scania Easy Pay which it says is a new short-term funding package it has in instituted.

“We understand completely that some businesses are being negatively impacted by lockdowns and other effects of the pandemic, and this may interfere with the positive cashflow position of healthy, active and sustainable businesses,” says Wayne Thomason, National Sales Manager for Scania Finance Australia.

“We know that customers have selected Scania trucks not only for our industry-leading safety, technology and fuel efficiency, but also for the trucks’ reliability and the expertise of our service and aftersales teams. Ultimately, our promise to our customers is that while we’re here for you in good times, we’ll step up to the plate during the challenging times.

“Scania Easy Pay provides approved customers with short-term finance from $3000 to as much as $50,000, for servicing or repairs. This funding can be applied to vehicles serviced or repaired at Scania’s nine company-owned and operated branches around Australia, or via participating members of our 60-strong authorised independent dealer network in urban, regional and rural centres Australia-wide.

“With Scania Easy Pay we are recognising that times are tough for many operators in Australia. This is mostly through no fault of their own. They are having cashflow challenges which makes it hard to fund workshop services. They also need to maintain their commitment to their customers by delivering for them on time, and without the inconvenience and stress of unplanned breakdowns interrupting their business,” Wayne said.

According to Patrik Tharna, Scania Australia’s National Director of Aftersales, Scania Easy Pay will also help regional and rural dealers maintain throughput in their workshops, when credit-approved customers are able to have work done that they might have postponed or skipped otherwise.

“As a global company and a significant player in the Australian heavy vehicle market, we are committed to our customers’ uptime and giving them the tools to deliver for their customers too. This is what we mean by our commitment as a true partner to the only business that matters; that of our customers’,” Patrik said.

“Additionally, we are supporting our dealer network around Australia, providing them with a means by which they can accept an increased flow of service and repair work into their workshops from customers who have viable businesses, but who are temporarily short of cash.”

Scania Finance Australia’s Wayne Thomason added: “Naturally we will apply a credit approval process to all applications, which must be accompanied by an official quote from our branch or participating authorised dealer. We undertake to turn around the approval within 24-hours of receiving a completed application, so customers are not left hanging. The funding requires us to take an equity stake in the vehicle or on another unencumbered asset.

“The funding period can be taken between 12 and 24 months and there’s a facility for a 4-month grace period before repayments begin to help customers get over the worst of the pandemic. We’re providing the funding at existing commercial rates as well. We also anticipate interest from Scania operators who may not yet be SFA customers,” Wayne said.

“This is a short-term offer that applies only until 30th September 2020, and to Scania trucks registered from 2007 onwards,” he said.

For more information regarding Scania Easy Pay, please contact your local Scania branch or dealer, your existing Scania Account Manager, SFA Business Development Manager, or visit or call Scania Finance Australia on 1300 695 226.