Austroads and Transport Certification Australia want drivers and truck operators to be aware of some significant changes happening to the requirement of telematics  over the coming months.

Both organisations say that if you are a heavy vehicle driver or transport operator who use telematic devices to unlock productivity or access benefits, then you should be aware of the revised requirements 

Changes to telematics requirements in Queensland.   Eligible Performance Based Standards (PBS) vehicles and vehicles operating at higher mass limits need to transition from the Intelligent Access Program (IAP) to the Telematics Monitoring Application (TMA) by 1 June 2024. Eligible vehicles also need to transition from Queensland’s interim On Board Mass (OBM) solution to Smart OBM.

Changes to telematics requirements in New South Wales, will see PBS vehicles operating under permits where mass monitoring is currently an agreed condition of road access,  needing to transition from NSW’s interim OBM solution to Smart OBM by 1 June 2024. Operators can also choose to stay enrolled in IAP, but may also need to enrol in TMA if mass monitoring is a condition of access in their permits.

The closure of the 3G internet network across Australia, with  the closure of the 3G network by all major telcos impacting transport operators who rely on telematics devices for access or productivity benefits. These transport operators will need to upgrade their 3G devices to 4G/5G compliant devices to remain legally compliant.​​ A list of 4G compliant TCA-approved telematics devices is available here.   For more information, visit the TCA website at

Austroads webinars can be accessed by drivers and operators to gain more inight into what is required and how the requirements can be managed.

Austria’s says there is no charge for its webinars, but registration is essential. So it says that if you can’t make the live session, register and we will send you a link to the recording.

Upcoming relevant Austroads Webninars include ;

Methodology for Comparing Dangerous Goods Risk in Road Tunnels to Those on Alternative Routes | Register
Tuesday, 26 March 2024, 2 pm AEDT

This webinar will present the work involved in developing a standardised comparative risk assessment method for assessing life safety risk of dangerous goods being routed through the tunnel or via an alternative surface route.


Update to the Guide to Bridge Technology Part 7 | Register
Thursday, 28 March 2024, 1 pm AEDT


Austroads has completed its update of Section 3: Inspection, Testing, Monitoring and Reporting of the Guide to Bridge Technology Part 7: Maintenance and Management of Existing Bridges. The project involved taking a fresh look at the inspection process to provide a flexible framework from which users of the Guide can develop and improve their own inspection processes.

Validation of Superpave™ Method of Asphalt Compaction for Australasia | Register
Thursday, 4 April 2024, 1 pm AEDT


Austroads has also completed a project to replace the obsolete gyratory compactors used in design and quality control testing of asphalt mixes and update its Guide to Pavement Technology Part 4B: Asphalt. This webinar will provide a detailed overview of the project, including the findings of the literature review and test data.

Update to the Guide to Bridge Technology Part 7 | Register
Monday, 8 April 2024, 1 pm AEDT

Austroads has also completed a project that investigated the use of alternative anti-stripping additives (other than hydrated lime) to reduce the moisture susceptibility of asphalt mixes in service. This webinar will present important factors affecting the moisture susceptibility of asphalt mixes, commonly used moisture susceptibility test methods, the main benefits and disadvantages of using hydrated lime or liquid anti-stripping agents and present an interim Austroads laboratory assessment protocol to evaluate the effectiveness of different anti-stripping additives.