Scania has announced that it has promoted its popular national sales manager Dean Dal Santo to  the position of sales director for trucks in Australia.

Dal Santo is responsible for sales of on and off-highway Scania trucks, including the burgeoning mining and resources business Scania has nurtured during the past seven years in Australia, as well as National Fleet, Fire and Specialised Vehicles.

Dean has worked for Scania for 17 years, and has vast experience in the truck market, having previously run Scania Australia’s pre-sales department.

“I am very excited to accept this new role at this time, as supplies of the very well-received New Truck Generation Scania prime movers and rigids begin to arrive in big numbers in Australia. Thanks to our side rollover curtain airbags, these are the safest trucks you can buy in Australia.

“Through this year we have orchestrated a well-planned run down of stocks of the P,G, R range in anticipation of the ramp up of the NTG range, and initial deliveries of these are now reaching customers,” he said.

“It is a good feeling to be able to offer the Australian truck industry such a safe, quiet, comfortable and environmentally-friendly range of vehicles, that are designed to promote our customers’ Total Operating Economy.

“I look forward to working closely with Mikael Jansson our managing director, to continue to grow Scania truck sales in Australia.

“Our aim this year is to equal last year’s record delivery result, even though we have been in run-out through much of the year, while the plan for 2019 is obviously to make a significant impact in the market with the full strength of the all new truck range at our disposal,” Dean said.