Scania has scored a significant sale of its hybrid-electric buses to South Australia’s Department for Infrastructure and Transport which has ordered 17 of the new Scania hybrid buses, in a total order for 20 Scania buses.

The new buses will be bodied by Bustech in South Australia, with the three non-hybrid versions being  360 hp, Euro 6 articulated buses.

The 17 Scania Hybrid-Electric units will be identical to the seven Scania Hybrid-Electric buses the state government ordered late last year, two of which are already on the road.

The first of the 20 buses was delivered in June and the remainder is expected by December 2021.

The new buses will service among others, the large new state schools being set up in Adelaide’s suburbs, and will help to reduce emissions around young people.

The order is part of a $17.3 million investment for expanded school bus services which is additional to the $42 million the state government has already dedicated to capital works for schools.

“Scania is very pleased that South Australian Premier Steven Marshall is taking the lead to introduce low emission, high efficiency buses for school routes,” says Julian Gurney, director of sales for Scania Bus and Engines in Australia.

“We are hopeful that other state government run school bus services will emulate the South Australian example,” Gurney added.

“Our advanced Hybrid-electric buses can reduce emissions by up to 92 per cent , especially when travelling in silent mode on battery power when stopping to pick-up or set-down passengers,” he added.

“We have seen increasing interest in our Hybrid-Electric technology in the past year from a range of Australian bus operators, as the low cost of operation compared to current all electric product becomes clear,” Julian said.

“Scania has invested heavily in electric technology and welcomes the appetite shown by segments of the industry to adopt fully-electric vehicles. As this technology improves it will undoubtedly form the basis of future transport solutions. However, we believe a Hybrid-Electric solution presents the most commercially sustainable way to commence the transition to a zero emissions transport future.”