Scania has been named the European manufacturer with the most transport-efficient long-haul truck in the annual Green Truck comparison test. 

The test sees heavy trucks from all the local manufacturers put through their paces by two leading German trade magazines.

Scania has made a habit of winning the respected competition…the Swedish brand taking the trophy seven out of the last eight years.

A silver place had to be settled for last year, Scania telling us this was a mere “hiccup”.

“The Green Truck Award focuses on what is an absolute core requirement in our industry – offering customers the best possible transport efficiency,” – Stefan Dorski, Senior Vice President and Head of Scania Trucks.

“Our Super-based powertrain was introduced in 2021 and brought a new performance level to the market, with its 8% fuel-savings that our customers now benefit from in their daily operations.”

The best truck in the test is identified by applying a clever formula that covers all the relevant aspects of being transport-efficient and sustainable: fuel consumption, average speed, used AdBlue volume, and the weight of the truck (the lighter the better).

This year the Scania truck beat out its nearest rival with a not unsubstantial 0.41 litres of fuel advantage over 100km.

Scania says Euro long-haul trucks normally travel around 150,000 km each year, which makes their offering more than 600 litres per year better off than the nearest competitor.

“We at Scania are very proud and happy at having regained the title as the most efficient long-haul truck in the world. Consuming less fuel means that our trucks contribute a lot for curbing CO2 emissions.” Mr. Dorski said.

At 7,040 kg, the Scania truck was also the lightest vehicle, and achieved the highest average speed, at 79.70 km/h.