Isuzu is reporting a surge in demand for its ever popular Ready to Work range of trucks  amidst the ups and downs  of this extraordinary year.

Seven months into this topsy turvy year of 2020 records continue to be broken, some positive and others more challenging. The economic impacts of COVID-19 and the associated government stimulus packages has seen the previous high-water marks for truck sales across the industry well and truly passed.

Isuzu says this has equated to record sales across the light and medium segments and a huge surge in demand for its Ready to Work range.

“We’ve long focussed on catering to the growing demand from trades, local government and Australian businesses generally, for a smartly specified and comprehensively appointed total truck and body package that a customer put straight to work as soon as they drive it away from the dealership,” said Isuzu national sales manager, Les Spaltman.

“We are truck specification and engineering specialists and the market knows that Isuzu trucks are the market-leading product.

“We’ve been delivering the trucks and models that countless Australian businesses have relied on over the past three decades and our Ready-to-Work models have been a key ingredient,” he said.

The first of the true Ready-to-Work models were tippers and were originally introduced into Australia in the early 70s.

“Our tippers have been the backbone of our Ready-to-Work range, and we are approaching a very significant sales milestone for these Japanese-built tippers in the next 12 months,” Les said.

“Achievements aside, we’re always looking at these models to see how we can provide even better solutions for our customers.

“The recent release of our new NMR ,models is a perfect platform, and we’re pleased announce the launch of the NMR 60/45 Tipper and NMR 60/45 150 Tri-Tipper, both available in AMT and manual transmissions,” he said.

“The unique Tri-Tipper was a hit when we first released the NLR variant of this model in 2017, and we’ve introduced the 6-tonne GVM version of the Tri-Tipper and the standard Tipper variant in response to market demands for a light-duty tipper with increased payload capacity.

The brand-new NMR 60-150 model offers operators the additional 500kg payload over the previous NLR 55-150 Tipper models, while remaining true to the versatility and flexibility quintessential to Isuzu Trucks—ensuring the same ease while manoeuvring through tight spaces and confined sites—thereby offering customers the best of both worlds.