Daimler’s Setra brand is celebrating its sapphire anniversary, notching up 65 years of operation.

The German brand has sold in excess of 107,000 models since its creation in 1951, spanning over six generations of bus – expanding from a single model 10 series, to more than 20 models on offer today in the 500 series.

The current Setra line-up consists of the ComfortClass, TopClass and a recently introduced MultiClass, developed specifically for rural service.

“The fact that we are now celebrating 65 years of Setra also demonstrates that, even after six decades, strong roots can continue to develop in new ways,” said a Daimler spokesperson.

“This premium Daimler brand’s recipe for success includes steady and ongoing development of the vehicles in terms of vehicle technology, quality, comfort, safety, design and efficiency.

“The engineers’ achievement in developing a self-supporting touring coach to production standard can be described as a step that revolutionised bus and coach manufacturing.”

Setra has also been the recipient of the highly coveted Red Dot Design award on several occasions for its TopClass and ComfortClass models.