ReNu Energy has announced the signing of a joint co-operation agreement between its wholly owned subsidiary Countrywide Hydrogen and Smartavait Technologies  which it says will be trading as 7R Logistics to promote the use of green hydrogen for heavy transport vehicles initially in Tasmania, with other states set to follow.

Previously known as BLU Logistics, 7R Logistics is a national heavy vehicle transport company  which services some of the largest food and dairy companies in Australia.

Under the terms of the agreement Countrywide  says it will progress development of its green hydrogen projects in Tasmania with a view to supplying certified green hydrogen to 7R Logistics for heavy vehicle road transport at a price they claim competes favourably with diesel

As well, 7R Logistics says it will support Countrywide in its efforts to develop its portfolio of green hydrogen projects by working to offer a zero emissions (ZE) heavy vehicle transport alternative to customers, using fuel cell electric vehicles and by purchasing green hydrogen exclusively from Countywide.

Both companies say they will work together to promote a zero emission transition to the road transport industry and expand the reach of ZE road transport options for companies relying on decarbonised road transport to help achieve their emissions reduction targets.

Countrywide  says it is aiming to have three Tasmanian hydrogen refuelling sites strategically located near Hobart, Launceston and Burnie, which it claims will allow the State’s major transport routes to be covered by a network of refuelling stations.

The company says hydrogen-powered trucks can deliver similar or better performance than diesel equivalents in terms of power output, torque, payload, refuelling time, range and wholeof-life cost of operation.

Hydrogen-powered trucks are planned to be available in Australia to coincide with Countrywide’s  first hydrogen production in Tasmania.

The managing director of 7R Logistics, Tim Jensen, and executive director of ReNu Energy, Geoffrey Drucker participated  in a  signing event held  to execute the agreement at the site of Countrywide’s green hydrogen and refuelling project at Launceston Airport in Northern Tasmania.