Like many of its counterparts, Volvo North America is pushing new connected services to increase efficiency and reduce downtime through remote program.

The technology uses factory fitted telematics hardware and allows operators to update software in trucks anywhere in the United States or Canada.

According to director of connected vehicle services for Volvo Trucks, Conal Deedy, the remote programming feature will save operators thousands of dollars by no longer needing to take trucks off the road for updates.

“Volvo Trucks continues to invest heavily in connectivity solutions, and we’re proud to bring a true over-the-air solution to market,” Deedy said.

“With Remote Programming, customers can quickly and easily perform updates to help improve the performance and efficiency of their vehicles.”

The service will be available in the third quarter of 2017 for all Model Year 2018 Volvo trucks equipped with Volvo’s Remote Diagnostics hardware.